Municipal Charities of Stratford-upon-Avon


A charity with a long tradition, based in Stratford upon Avon,

providing supported housing and financial assistance for local people 


Trustees & Staff


Mayor of Stratford-upon-Avon - President

Mrs Mo Lancaster - Chairman (appointed for 5 year term)

Miss Sian Wade - Deputy Chairman (appointed for 5 year term)

Cllr Mrs Tessa Bates (appointed by Town Council for 4 year term)

Cllr Lezley Bott (appointed by Town Council for 4 year term)

Mrs Maureen Beckett (appointed for 5 year term)

Rob Fradley (representative for United Reformed Church - appointed for 5 year term)

Clive Hood (appointed for 5 year term)

Mrs Jenny Howard (appointed for 5 year term)

Mick Love MBE (appointed for 5 year term)

Mrs Sheila Price (appointed for 5 year term)

Peter Rowland (representative for the Holy Trinity Church - appointed for 5 year term)

Mr Andy Smith (appointed for 5 year term)

Mrs Carole Taylor (appointed for 5 year term)

We currently have a vacancy for a Co-opted Trustee (to be appointed for 5 year term).  If you are interested in joining our organisation, please check out the NEWS page for further details.


John Loscombe - Clerk to the Trustees

Doug Evans - Grants Administrator

Alan Birch - Treasurer to the Trustees

Jess Daly - Scheme Manager

Sharon Jones - Deputy Scheme Manager

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