Municipal Charities of Stratford-upon-Avon


A charity with a long tradition, based in Stratford upon Avon,

providing supported housing and financial assistance for local people  

Benefits of living in our supported housing        

Almshouses are a form of charitable supported housing provided for potentially vulnerable people.  Most residents are typically older people who wish to maintain an independent lifestyle.   

Typically, individual almshouses are small organisations which have developed from medieval benevolent beginnings, linked to guilds or to particular localities.  The number of residents will generally range from 3-5 (for very small almshouses) to 15-20 (for average almshouses).  There are, however, a small number of larger almshouses which are more recognisable as a form of housing association.  Overall, there are some 2,000 separate almshouses nationally, supporting over 35,000 people.

Each resident will live in self-contained accommodation units, accompanied by communal facilities and some form of warden and / or alarm service.  Rather than rent, residents pay a form of maintenance contribution for the accommodation and services received.  

We have two scheme managers, who operate out of Guild Cottages.   Making regular visits to all the residents at Church Street as well as the other groups of almshouses, they keep a caring eye on the residents and provide neighbourly assistance when required.   With the help and support of residents' families and friends, they will do their utmost to ensure that each of our residents retains his/her independence and lives as full a life as possible.  

Day-trips and outings for our residents are organised on a regular basis, some of which are laid on in conjunction with other local like-minded organisations.  

In addition to providing the part-time warden service the Trustees have equipped each unit of accommodation with a "Lifeline" emergency telephone unit which enables a resident to summon help at any time during the day or night. 



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