Municipal Charities of Stratford-upon-Avon


A charity with a long tradition, based in Stratford upon Avon,

providing supported housing and financial assistance for local people  

Support for our Residents

Each resident lives in self-contained accommodation units, accompanied by communal facilities and a combined warden/alarm service.  

Once a resident has moved into our accommodation, the Scheme Managers and the resident will work together to develop a Support Plan.   A Support Plan is designed to identify specific needs and then to enable the resident to take appropriate action or obtain help to satisfy these needs and so be able to continue to live a full and independent life in their own home.  The Support Plan includes contact details for the next of kin, GP and professional agencies that provide support and care together with any other relevant information.  This information helps to ensure residents are provided with the most appropriate assistance to enable them to stay independent and look after their health.  The Scheme Managers will then support the Resident to achieve outcomes identified and review the plan on a regular basis. 

Rather than rent, residents pay a form of maintenance contribution for the accommodation and services received.  Residents also pay a weekly housing-related support charge towards the cost of our warden service.

Our Trustees endeavour to:-

§          support residents to maintain their independence whilst living in our accommodation;

§          help residents to feel safer and healthier;

§          endeavour to help residents to improve their financial situation;

§          help residents to become more involved in the local community;

Our Scheme Managers, whose frequency of visits will vary according to the chosen accommodation, will help residents to keep their home secure and signpost them to agencies and other services which could help to improve their quality of life. 


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